Steam Cleaning

Vapor steam cleaners release vaporized water for being applied to the hard surfaces, especially of the industries. The cleaner machine has a close resemblance to that of the vacuum cleaners. The exclusively hot steam vapor at the degree of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, at its tip, forms the chief component which does the primary action. The strong heat exerts its force and loosens the dirt and stains settled on the surfaces. The embedded sticking dirt comes in direct contact with the super hot steam and loses its hold from the surface thereby becoming detached from its packed molecules. “Dry Steam” is the next component. The water almost lacking in its moisture content is the Dry steam which is used for wiping and scrubbing the polluted surfaces.

Applausive Merits Derived Through Steam Cleaning

Nevertheless, there are traditional cleaning methods like moping, using scrubbers, and sweeping effective for small surface areas. But what about the large surface areas? If the traditional methods were to be applied then the time which will be wasted is beyond imagination. One cleaner is simply inefficient, so a group of four or five have to be involved.
Not only are these conventional methods time consuming but these are also labor exhaustive. Doing away with these cons of conventional dirt removal strategies, the pros of eco-friendly Steam Cleaning techniques have come up as an acceptable and easy means to for cleaning the large surface areas of corporate buildings, industries, and such related commercial enterprises.
Since chemicals are not in usage, hence steam cleaning is a safe and sound cleaning technique applicable for cleaning any kind of surface despite it being rough, hard or of fibers. The scientific studies have started that applying steam to clean, about 99.99% germs and bacteria are potentially killed. Moreover, the steam cleaner works just like that of a vacuum cleaner that proactively impacts to keep the carpets fresh and also sanitize the floors.

Speedy Removal of Obstinate Fat and Grease

The tables, floors, and slabs of canteens, cuisines, cafeteria, and pantries of any commercial sector generally get stained due to the oil spills and other drops of edible fats. Our cleaners have also maintained in their regular diaries how they have treated the grease coated oven and cooktops using the steam. Even the ceilings sometimes are steam cleaned so that there are no specs of dust particles or cobwebs allowed of their existence. It is normal that the grease is a thick oily substance and removing grease by hand is an utterly impossible task! Though some kind of chemicals dissolves the grease yet such chemicals are too dangerous prone. More than doing good they deter the surface and weaken it. Also, the chemicals leave behind a mark sometimes when they chemicals are of cheap quality. The action of steam cleaning is devoid of such harmful effect. Stubborn and disturbing greasy areas once applied with steam encounters the grease molecules getting loosened. After that using a damp cloth to wipe it off, takes out all the elements of grease. So the surface is like a new one, and in the process, the weird stench of the grease too goes away. The steam works to lift up the grease substance to be removed with ease, and in turn, neither does a single reside remain s behind nor do any poisonous vapors float about.

Flat Surface Areas of Maximum Stampede

The plain areas where there is maximum traffic are largely exposed to the air. With the effect of the dust particles in the wind and the ones sticking within the vehicle tires and human stampede, the imprints become like a permanent one.Resorting to steam cleaning the patios, driveways, car parking, and walkways and more yields result much more effective than by restoring to sweeping and mopping. The non–toxic steam evicts 99.99% bacteria, and it even forgoes the need of bleaching. Employing only water and steam keeps the place pollution free, thus there is no entrance of chemical residue. Tiles and Grouts are cleaned by means of the same steam cleaning method.

Cost Effective Method

No detergents or chemicals or any cleaning equipment are required for being purchased. The only things which incur cost are the adequate amount of water supply and electricity for heating the water. The machine will be carried by our professionals, thus no question of providing us with the machine. Overall, the method is highly cost-effective and no hidden costs are levied.

Excellent Services Showered By the C & C Commercial Cleaning Professional Cleaners

Stepping inside the doorsteps of the commercial organization, our cleaners take a few moments to examine the places where steam cleaning is to be done. Starting from the ceilings, extending to the walls and grills up to the floors, each and every corner is thoroughly inspected. Examining the degree of dirt settled on the surfaces, especially on the tiles and grout, our experts apply the steam cleaners over the tiles and grout. Having full knowledge on the operation of the steam cleaners, they shall save the surfaces from the double soiling while removing the already settled coating of soil. Being settled into groups they examine each space and render the cleaning solution.
While considering applying steam on the over soiled carpet and upholstery, it is understood that the carpets cannot be cleaned at the spot and have to be brought along. Thus on rolling and packing the carpets safely, they carry it to our center. The puddles of grime and mud have to be removed after laying it on a flat surface and then applied with steam to clean. Having changed the greyed or blackened carpet to its original color, the carpets are then delivered. But as dedicated as are our cleaners, so are they disciplined and time-bound. Never are they late to deliver the carpets, as they are never late to clean the carpets as soon as they bring them to the center. The similar cleaning treatment is meted out to the upholsteries also. It is a guarantee that not a single commodity is going to be damaged while cleaning. The cleaning is seamless and totally done systematically.

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