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The expert professionalism is highly suitable for the medical facilities as medical centers have to be cleaned with extra consciousness. Cleaning prevents the accidents and our team has proved themselves as capable in this field too with their advanced and specialized cleaning techniques and services. Every medical unit is treated as same, be it a laboratory, clinic or pathological center, superior cleaning services is compulsory, and it is ensured by our committed cleaning team who work using the Eco–friendly cleaning techniques and products. The “green” cleaning chemicals and HEPA filtration administered vacuums are only used cleaning techniques as the patients are not exposed to the harmful elements owing to these techniques.

In addition to it, the cleaning team ensures:

  • Cross-contamination prevention
  • Operation theatres cleaning
  • Efficient handling of medical wastes
  • Cleaning of central sterile supply departments areas, pathological labs, C.T scan and X-Ray rooms
  • Aphaeresis areas cleaning

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