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Sanitation and hygiene are the foundation to preserving healthy atmosphere as well as retaining a good health, and also for high immunity. Therefore, cleanliness and safety are essential factors in each and every commercial sector. Therefore, C & C Commercial Cleaning emphatically takes care of the hygienic and sanitary services of their servicing workplaces. The sanitation services meted out by them are

  • Feminine Sanitary Product Disposal

Providing with sanitary trash bins in the commercial sectors for the working ladies to dispose of their sanitary products. Discarding the sanitary products in the trash bins is safe as it prevents the growth of diseases, bacteria and other allergens, thereby cleanliness is maintained.

  • Diaper / Nappy Disposal

At the medical, hotels and retail units, specialized disposing units are provided which are used to discard the nappies and diapers. As a result, the public space can maintain maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Complete Urinal Cleaning

The expert cleaners of C & C Commercial Cleaning regularly applies unique cleaning techniques in the public washrooms, restrooms, and lavatories for the sheer maintenance of proper hygiene.

  • Washroom Services

Hand washing with the scrubbers and approved cleansers and drying the washrooms to eliminate the germs and bacteria growth are the customized cleaning services performed by our professional cleaners.

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