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The professional services of C & C Commercial Cleaning in the hospitality and leisure industry have been remarkable throughout the servicing years and have achieved the trust of the hospitality owners. We have apprehension about the aim of the hospitality industry; they have to run a successful business by attracting a higher number of guests in the peak season. Hence our cleaners are cautious enough not to give way to the slightest lack with regards to a quality cleaning reign. Added by a rich quality nutritious food and a genial atmosphere to spend the holiday time, cleanliness is of utmost importance which is mainly preferred by the customers. Achieving this agenda to maintain a clean and healthy environment to retain preferable working conditions is done seamlessly by our cleaners. Therefore, the competent and skilled professionals are capable to yield positive results, as they are disciplined to arrive on time and work with full concentration getting divided into their respective teams. While some take care of the washrooms and cuisines, cleaning and sanitizing them, the other team cleans the courtyard, reception, rooms, empty rooms, and some cleaners take the responsibility to sweep, scrub and polish the floors and washrooms of the guests’ rooms. Never do they compromise with the industry standards and they do not diverge from the superior eco–friendly cleaning methods. Personalized hospitality and leisure cleaning include:

  • Modified cleaning services for café, pubs, hotels or motel and restaurants
  • Professional cleaning of the kitchens, dining areas, restrooms, and outdoors
  • Garden and landscape cleaning
  • Usage of Eco–friendly, non–toxic cleaning products
  • Cleaning the appliances and equipment which were used to prepare food.

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