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Facility Cleaning Services Melbourne

Offering the comprehensive solutions for facility management, C & C Commercial Cleaning provides professional assistance to the retail stores, office workplaces, hospitality businesses, education institutes, medical units, factories, and industries. Working with full diligence our facility cleaning team assigns a positive experience to the guests, clients, employees, patients, students, and patrons. Known to manage the single sites as well as the national organizations, strata building, and facilities, our Facility Cleaning Services Melbourne are expertise operational responsibility while they are reputed in delivering exceptional service.

Active Facility Cleaners

It can be in relation to the long-term planning for infrastructure, or it can also be the day–to–day services, we welcome our clients and customers to safely rely on the facility cleaners. We are a team of active cleaners for rendering a secured and efficient facility and keep it highly Eco–friendly. The professional relationships as developed with the clients is advantageous to them as well as to us since we can furnish them and they can also get from us long-term partnerships and one–time full services. To meet the desired needs, we have developed integrated tailored solutions effective at the off-site and also at on-site maintenance. Having the capacity and skills to fulfill the everyday needs, our facility services virtuously take care of –

  • Building cleaning and maintenance
  • Site cleaning and maintenance
  • After cleaning security services
  • Cleaning and maintaining lawns, garden and ground
  • Maintenance programs associated with maintenance
  • Operations Synergy
  • Service consistency
  • Increased and enhanced management support
  • Application of innovative technology, systems, and processes

Guaranteed facilities operations are met by the clients as we conduct our smooth services to keep up with the comprehensive approach for facilities management. Due to our breach free facility services, the businesses can conduct their activities with confidence.


The service web rendered by the Facility Cleaning

Along with assured and guaranteed service offered by the facility cleaners of C & C Commercial Cleaning, there are a few notable services which are too executes favorable hygiene services

Hygiene Service

Hygiene is  the prime motive behind site cleaning and maintenance all over Melbourne. Our professional washroom and hygiene services meant for the commercial atmosphere creates a positive impression on the employers and the employees which result in everyone having the same comfortable feeling amidst the hygienic environment.

By the trusted works and the extensive expertise of the cleaners working to keep healthy and clean facilities, the business organizations are operating with a healthy environment. Their colleagues and visitors never lack in praise of the hygienic environment. With our hygienic services, the commercial organizations eliminate the exposure to the elements causing health issues. As a result, the productivity level is increased and in turn, the requests for sick leaves are lowered.

To complete the facility services and to remain attached to the corporate trades for delivering them more convenient services –

  • Rubbish Removal

If the trash bins are full of garbage, if the pathway is not cleared of the leaves and debris, and if the cobwebs are allowed to home the spiders, then is it possible to continue with the safe and agreeable business? Certainly, it is not. Our team of facility cleaners facilitates to remove such rubbish so that the pathogens do not cause the airborne ailments to any human being working at that very place.

  • Furniture Removal

Old and outdated furniture become unwanted because of their worn out nature and sometimes most of the furniture is prone to dangers. Either at school or office or any related commercial sector, our facility members cater to furniture removal so that the clients get rid of their burden.

  • Lawn Maintenance

A lawn is a symbol of respect and refreshment. The schools, hotels, and some of the corporate sectors maintain lawns which need regular maintenance. The debris collected on the grass being driven by the wind collects over time and causes the lawn to develop pests and rodents. But with the active and quality cleaning and mowing, our servicemen skillfully maintain the lawns.

  • Strip & Reseal Floor

The outlook of a floor gets damaged due to unrelenting abrasion. In order to save the floors from further redress, the cleaners sweep and remove every bit of solid or semi-solid particles and use a vacuum for removing the previous floor sealer. Stripping the worn out sealer, the workers coat it using a suitable base coat and top sealer polish with a polish mop or a fringe mop. Creating a “new” floor out of the old one, our men prevent the individuals from falling prey to the accidents.

  • Anti Slip Floors & Maintenance

For facility services on prevention of accidents due to slipping on the floors. Our facility cleaners first clean the floors dry and seal it with an Anti Slip Maintenance enhances safety while walking on the floors.


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