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An education institution maintains its positive image by keeping the buildings and facilities clean and hygienic. Hence, a neat and tidy institution is vital to the students’ learning, as the students deserve a hygienic and sanitized environment which is conducive to good learning. C & C Commercial Cleaning delivers supreme cleaning services in the private, public, medium, and kindergarten schools. Owing to the cleaning concerns and challenges from the schools, our cleaners abide by the cost-effective programs. Having detailed knowledge to efficiently use green products like cleansers and disinfectants, trustworthy services possess least or no threat to human health. The good cleaning products we use are biodegradable, volatile compounds free, chlorofluorocarbons free and are pH balanced. Smart technology equipped professionals and premium quality equipment ensure a healthy and safe environment for the students and staff in the schools.

The personalized services related to education cleaning include:

  • Specialized cleaning services such as window cleaning, steam cleaning, floor buffing and polishing
  • Eliminating unsanitary and unhygienic situations for the prevention of growth of vermin, allergens, irritants, pollutants, and bacteria
  • Using hygienic, Eco–friendly, and natural cleaning products devoid of chemicals
  • Versatile cleaning services at affordable rates
  • Cleaning the classrooms, auditoriums, halls, gym centers, and outdoor spaces.

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