A brief and brisk explanation of High Pressure Cleaning states that water in high–pressure is used to spray at the range between 34 megapascals to 70 megapascals for the purpose to remove the stubborn dirt, mold, grime, mud, puddles, the worn out loose paints degrading the look of the building walls and also stain marks. Getting rid of these uninvited guests from the parking lots, driveways, roofs, gutters, decks, patios, and sidewalks from the workplace is suitable for the application of the High-Pressure Cleaning.

Constituents and Effect of High-Pressure Cleaning

The chief components involved to show the door to the sticky stubborn contaminants devaluing the private enterprise are the pressure pump, nozzles, pumps, pipes, hoses, and controls. All of these accessories are combined into a system that forms into High-Pressure Cleaning by creating the much necessary water volume and its exact velocity. The cleaning task is done fast since it is a new cleaning procedure – the unblemished dirt–free hard surface is accomplished within no time. After the cleaning task is completed, the graph derives proves that the client satisfaction is directly proportional to the outcome of cleaning. What is accomplished is the complete abolition of the grey layer and appearance of the actual color. Imagine how happy your clients will be when they shall place their cars on the clean and clear driveways. The best words which they shall utter in praise of your well-maintained surface will run as – “What a pleasure is it to stand on the crystal-like grounds and also to park the cars in here”! So just think how your heart is going to feel when you hear the praising words. Moreover, the 5-star ratings on the cleanliness will give you the impetus to increase the clients through cleanliness.

Why Apply The High-Pressure Cleaning Technology?

One of the prior reasons for the application of high-pressure cleaning is because of its cost-effective nature. Our adroit and trained C & C Commercial Cleaning cleaners handle the high pressure cleaning with great skills and effectiveness. They understand the pressure on the water pipe required according to the degree of semi-solid soiled components settled on the hard surface. Accordingly, they adjust the force and fulfill removing the wastes thereby washing the entire surface area. Strictly following the machine and safety instructions, we retain the safety standards. Above all, there are a few noteworthy advantages for using High-Pressure Cleaning –

  • It is an eco – friendly technology as the water and laboratory tested and approved cleaning detergents are used in this method.
  • The overall appearance is highly appreciative and eye-catching
  • High-Pressure Cleaning enhances the floor longevity
  • Due to the pressure cleaning machine, instead of pipes, huge gallons of water can be saved
  • A lesser amount of time is taken for getting rid of the grime and dirt
  • The commercial property maintains its value for resale

The High-Pressure Cleaning Procedure

For cleaning the bottom plates and the paving stones, including the gateways, facades, and terraces of the workplace, the High-Pressure Cleaning application holds highly true. It is a new cleaning technology; electrical engines, fuel, and diesel are used to run the high-pressure cleaners wherein the pump systems are integrated. It is through the high-pressure hose, high-pressure lance and the high-pressure gun that the inlet water is transported from the pump unit with the help of high pressure exerted inside the high pressure cleaning machine to the point of the high-pressure nozzle. Strong acceleration of the water takes place on the basis of high-pressure nozzle’s diameter and geometry which makes the water emit itself from the nozzle under the effect of specific operating pressure.
Depending on the condition of the surface to be cleaned, our cleaners adopt the policy of additional cleaning power by making use of the 500 bar machines fitted with electrical heating modules and burners. These heating accessories operating inside the pressure cleaners get the water heated. As a result of the water getting heated, the combined water pressure and heated water clean the ultra stubborn dirt with greater effectiveness.

The Reasons to Trust our C & C Commercial Cleaning Cleaners Dealing in High-Pressure Cleaning

Before our operating cleaners are assigned to apply the high-pressure cleaning, they are thoroughly trained to make a combination of the parameters. Remember that they are adhering to the application of high-pressure cleaning because they have gained enough knowledge of machine power, water temperature and pressure, nozzle size, water flow, spray pattern, jetting distance, nozzle flow rate, accessory, and spray pattern of the flat jet, point jet, rotary jet and rotating speed. Hence they shall generate the cleaning solution which is of the highest standard.