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Servicing on the basis of contracts made between us and the clients, our Contract Cleaning offers are delivered to large and medium scale commercial organisations and offices, education institutes and medical centers, industries, retail and public space, and hospitality and leisure units. Superior property care is widely offered as promised by the superior trained cleaners. Available for seven days a week and for full 24 hours, the cleaners never neglect client satisfaction. Working with a smile on their face, our cleaners work to draw a smile on the faces of the clients by means of their hard work. Cleaning Contractors Melbourne operates to offer industrial contract cleaning packages that also include office and commercial cleaning facilities throughout Melbourne.

Dealing with the aspects of the industrial and commercial cleaning effectively to serve the organisations, our cleaners are adept to handle the project management discipline. Daily improvements couples with high standard cleaning set apart the C & C Commercial Cleaning company Contract Cleaners from the rest of the cleaners.

Proactive Cleaning Contracts as established at the Organisations

Cleaning Contractors function in different organisations providing a set of same reliable and prompt services. Most notably, the hardworking and trained staff cleaners engage themselves in professional cleaning with respect to –

  • Scrubbing the floor
  • Sealing and stripping the spots off the floor
  • Cleaning the windows when the windows are built up to at least three stores from the ground
  • Catering to the exterior walls
  • Using the extension poles to clean cobwebs those have developed up to 5 meters
  • Pressure Washing
  • Removing dust from the walls and ceilings

Office Cleaning Services

Our primary motive is to provide a tailored flexible and efficient professional service to the clients. Owing to the reliable services, our cleaners triumph to maintain a healthy environment. Keeping the clients free from tension about the maintenance of a neat and clean office; we take upon ourselves to wipe and clean out every bit of contaminants present at any place. For ensuring contract cleaning, we highly lay stress on communication with the clients, honest and reliable services and high cleaning standards. At the end of the cleaning, the clients are happy that in turn makes us happy.

Medical Facility cleaning

Varied diseased patients are treated at a medical centre. Hygiene standards and all-round sanitation are the pole stars which cannot be counteracted. The patients, doctors and nurses, reception staffs, should be made to be inside a pristine and spotless unit so that each and everyone avoids the dangers of contamination and ill health. A healthy environment is a pillar behind the patients’ fast healing. The smell of the surgical disinfectants is unwanted by the reception staffs while they would prefer the fragrance of room fresheners. Our industrially trained cleaners give attention to each and every detail for the benefit of the entire medical unit. While cleaning the medical centres is under our Contract Cleaning, thus a number of essential services are incorporated in here which includes –

  • Disinfecting as well as decontaminating the surfaces using the approves cleaning materials
  • Avoiding cross contamination using the colored mop heads; after the task our cleaners clean and sterilize the mop heads in bleach before using for further service
  • The cleaning agents which are uses are all hospital grade disinfectants. The cleaners develop the cleaning solutions and after cleaning, the remnants or debris are disposed of at proper places.
  • Opposing the general dusting, the sterile disposable cleaning cloth is used for damp wiping
  • HEPA filtration is widely used for vacuuming while dispelling the brooms for cleaning the hard floors
  • Disinfecting the ceilings and vents by using the disinfectants for the reduction of the airborne contaminants
  • Treating the contaminated wastes and bodily fluids as hazardous so these are cleaned with the correct PPE. After cleaning, the wastes are disposed of in the clinical waste bins.

Hospitality & Leisure Cleaning

Guests and tourists are responsible for the rise in demand for the hospitality industry, while our contract cleaners are responsible to attract the guests and tourists. Not a single visitor would want to book a room if they find that the hotel is not totally clean and bright as it should be. Our contract cleaning has designed on specially tailored cleaning for the sake of the business and growth of the hospitality and the leisure centres. The potent and competent cleaners are active enough to look into each and every detail which the bars, restaurants, cuisine, washrooms and guest rooms require. We know that a number of hotels have a spa and gyms, but the cleaners never find it difficult to take to clean the spa and gym so that the guests are filled with interest to engage themselves with activities at there.

Retail and Public Space Cleaning

Complex as well as simple cleaning procedures cleaning are applied at the retail and public spaces for retaining a congenial environment for the sellers and buyers. The buyers are going to despise the retail stores if the stores are deprived of its cleanliness. But while the C & C Commercial Cleaning Contract Cleaners are active, the retail stores are saved from loss of customers and tickling down in business. Starting from the reception, each and every section are given equal cleaning care, including the walls, ceilings, doors, railings and floors which is both beneficial to the store and also to the owner. Innovative and authorised cleaning procedures are aptly involved for cleaning so that the presentation is just up to the mark. Our cleaning service is comprehensive that is always customised to the needs of the clients. The cleaning task done by our cleaners result as a favourable reflection on merchandise and it produces a positive customer response.

Education Cleaning Services

The schools, daycare, universities, and colleges, have to have aseptic environs on a daily basis. Professionalism at the education centres holds true when the healthy learning environment is assured to the students, and staffs impart the lessons inside a pleasing classroom. No wonder that the classrooms, staff rooms, sick room, principal rooms are the other rooms as maintained by different education institutes, are difficult of depriving them of the immaculate touch. It is done easily by the efforts of our contract cleaners who have designed effective quality cleaning and waste control procedures for maximising the satisfaction of the clients.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Contract cleaners involved in industrial cleaning are the carefully chosen staffs who are adept and suitable for being allocated to clean the industries. While one group caters to safe cleaning the equipment, machinery, and engines at the factories and industries, another group involves themselves to clean the floors, walls, ceilings, fans, and racks at the workplace. Solvents, detergents, greasers, scrubbers act with the rigor of being applied, therefore, the pathogens, grime, greases, and debris are removed. On requirement, vacuum pressure cleaning is too applied.

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