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Just below the sky kissing skyscraper is built a good space for parking the cars.So the car parking has to be cleaned on regular basis for the primary cause to keep it neat and tidy and to prevent from accidents. A planned Car Parks Cleaning is a program as designed under the Industrial Cleaning of C & C Commercial Cleaning for keeping clean the car parks of –

  • Hotels
  • Airports, Bowling Alleys, Supermarkets
  • Movie halls, Concert halls
  • Education institutions
  • Medical centers
  • Amusement Bars, Shopping Malls
  • Apartment Complexes

Pure Benefits Derived Due to Hiring the C & C Commercial Cleaners to Attain the Car Parks Cleaning

  • Trained and certified, skilled and learned as are our cleaners – they handle the cleaning with care. After cleaning, they are not going to keep the car parking floors wet. Using the dryer machine, they shall dry up the surface so that the cars can be placed on their arrival.
  • The car parking areas are cleaned according to the stones lying as driveways. Taking care not to damage the quality of the stone, the cleaning methods applied are high-pressure washing, scrubbing, and power sweeping.
  • An additional service as provided by our cleaners is protecting the floor with the anti-slip coverings.
  • The skilled cleaners equipped with the modern cleaning techniques and tools work for the entire day. Though they are separated into different timings, yet there are no doubts about their service.
  • Long-term maintenance cost is reduced since timely cleaning helps to save the huge amount of dollars in the future.
  • The Car Parks are degreased using the eco–friendly and non–hazardous solvents which is safe so that there is no negative impact on the health and hygiene of the staffs.
  • Clients’ needs are varied and we serve to maximize the client satisfaction. Just as our clients need, we shall clean their car parks either on monthly basis or on the weekly and daily basis.
  • Our company has gained name and fame based on the trust of our services offered to our clients. As a result, our client satisfaction has contributed to our unstained reputation.

Advantages for Keeping the Car Parking Clean:

It is not necessary that all the car parks would be having a shed like the residential apartments. The open-air car parks are the wide patios, under the mercy of the forces of nature. Once it rains, the stones would be absorbing the moisture and the fall of dry leaves. Imagining the picture of the aftermath of downpour is inevitable! Moreover, the bird droppings and allowing it to remain, too degrade the value of the property. There are a number of commercial centers like hospitals, schools, and colleges where the cars are placed in the open air in an allocated area. Even the car parks of the residential complexes or apartments may be closed with a roof on the above, yet the stones are soiled due to the friction of the cartyres. The cars are driven through various roadways, and it is not necessary that all the places have to be perfectly clean on its surface. Thus, the tyresare often leaving behind marks on the surface stones. Therefore, despite the car parks being a multi-level structure, an open lot, or even an underground garage, each requires frequent cleaning. Noted below are certain advantages for keeping the car parks clean –

  • The longevity of the car parking surfaces and decks is emancipated by keeping it clean and so our company cleaners use the approved and authorized materials those are not harmful to the nature and composition of the stones.
  • Due to an unclean surface, the car parks can also contribute to polluting the air and water. The debris left behind on the parking lot surface is in the form of traces of heavy metals, oil spills, petroleum and related organic compounds needs regular cleaning.
  • The driving surfaces would incur severe wear when the abrasives under the wheels increase. Thus keeping the surfaces clean yields sweet fruits of preventing the surfaces as well as the car wheels from wearing out.

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