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New Generation of Commercial Cleaning Concepts

Cleaning industry aims at removing the dirt and restoring sparkling look back to the premise. Similarly, CC Commercial Cleaning has been set up in Victoria, to serve the same purpose for the commercial organization. As the name suggests, we are a team of renowned commercial cleaners working for the safety and security of the firm where we are employed to clean. Our trusted and exclusive cleaning services are solely engaged in the satisfaction of the employees and their employers.

For cleaning the business and commercial sectors, CC Commercial Cleaning has trained their staffs with pure knowledge. The knowledgeable staffs are armed with years of necessary industrial experiences and they are a committed team providing excellent service. Embracing sustainability by reducing environmental impact, we make use of the environmentally cleaning products and eco-friendly cleaning technologies. Our goal is directed towards reducing the wastes to landfill and finally to zero.

We work under the four main pillars which have lead us to success – ethics, good staffs, close supervision and a dedication to customer service.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

C & C Commercial Cleaning takes pride in the protection of the cleaning team members. The best proof to certify our safe cleaning activities in the commercial sector is Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

The buildings and grounds of both the government and private sectors receive our cleaning services and thus we facilitate them with a polished and tidy place to breathe and raise the productivity of the staffs.

Using the authorized and eco–friendly cleaning technologies we have successfully ensured safety and environmental protection for the entire team of employees with their employers. An order is issued from our management that all the cleaners have to protect themselves while cleaning by wearing masks to cover their mouths and nose, glasses for eyes caps protecting their head, gloves, and socks for hands and legs. Likewise, retention of the precautionary approach is thorough and in line with the management of occupational health, safety and welfare issues. This Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement has helped us to implement successful preventive measures for our cleaning team so that they can perform to meet the standards of professionalism.

Environmental Policy Statement

Environment-friendly cleaning techniques, as well as the eco-friendly products, are administered by the management and the cleaners strictly abide by the rules. These products keep the environment safe from any harmful impacts. Following the modern cleaning technologies, we focus primarily on using the biodegradable materials, and environment conservation by means of its landfill reduction. Our cleaning team is thoroughly trained to work under the guidelines of “no pollution to the environment”. Therefore, they are rendering fruitful cleaning services to the appointed locations and assure to follow the proper environment conservation. In addition to the environment, the cleaning management has also trained the staffs to ensure the good health of the office staffs. Therefore, we never compromise with our primary duties, while abiding by the highly safe cleaning methods by making sustainable use of natural resources.

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