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Servicing the commercial sectors, the C & C Commercial Cleaning is infused with a never-ending desire to upgrade its Professional Cleaning Services in Melbourne. Endeavoring daily to offer the best commercial cleaning service at most affordable and reasonable rates, the company follows a universal range of superior, reliable and high standard cleaning service. Owing to the demand, the company services are not limited to Victoria, but it has been extended to Melbourne. As a distinct company, C & C Commercial Cleaning functions with the latest cleaning technology and gadgets operated by the completely-trained and learned team members. Trustworthy and responsible as it is, the company has taken an oath while it was set up, that it should never hinder client satisfaction and always comply with the industrial, Occupational Health and Safety Policy and environmental policies and standards.

Let us briefly take a look at the noteworthy premium quality cleaning services delivered by the C & C Commercial Cleaning:

  • Office & Commercial Cleaning
  • Medical Facility Cleaning
  • Hospitality & Leisure Cleaning
  • Retail & Public Space Cleaning
  • Education and Industrial Cleaning

How does each of these sectors benefit from our services?

Office and Commercial Cleaning: When the experienced and skillful cleaning team is engaged in cleaning, they take care to deliver top quality clean.  Using the modern cleaning tools, the cleaners clean the surfaces easily, safely and faster. Servicing at the time as required by the clients, the cleaners make use of the eco–friendly methods in order to continue with the green cleaning methods.

Medical Facility Cleaning: Patients receive standard treatment at a clean and clean atmosphere. Since the cleaners of our company are aware of the essentiality of sanitation and sterilization, they ensure overall cleanliness using the government approved state of art cleaning technologies and green cleaning tools. Our cleaning services perfectly meet the healthcare cleaning standard since cleaning technicians review cleaning on a regular basis and abide by the necessary disinfecting processes.

Hospitality and Leisure Cleaning: Different cleaning methods cater to different entertainment zones. Our cleaners excel in the field of delivering successful results in the entertainment centers. Employing the authorized cleaning agents, and applying them wherever required, the cleaners compel the visitors to develop a special feeling for the cleaned place. It is no doubt true that the theatergoers would never prefer to visit any unkempt theatres. It is where our cleaning technicians enter and save the theater from its doom.

Retail and Public Space Cleaning: How can the customers remember the retail space when they did not receive a satisfying experience? Leave it to the responsibility of the CC Commercial Cleaners. Arriving on time, they shall be providing the most satisfied services. A bright sparkling ambiance is the immediate result of cleaning; it is made possible by the green cleaning agents and updated tools.

Education and Industrial Cleaning: An education institute and an industrial sector place a huge number of individuals. Though both are for different purposes yet the cleaning standard cannot differ. We have trained adept cleaners who use the best cleaning techniques to sterilize and sanitize the centers and units for the safety of its users.